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How it Works


We Collect Every Single Drop Reward

We spend hours, if not days, watching streams from every game genre with multiple accounts to collect every drop reward ( skins, loot, crates, stickers ).


We Start Listing Collected Drops for Each Game

After collecting all the Twitch drops for a game, we automatically put them for free on our website for people to earn through various tasks.

Games with Drops


Get Your Drops Rewards in Exchange for Points

Each drop has a specific amount of points to redeem it, once redeemed on our website you’ll receive it in 2 minutes to your email and dashboard.


Login to Your Account and Claim the Drops

Now that you've received your account credentials via email, log in and link your game account with Twitch to claim all of the game's drops.

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Games and Categories

We try to collect Twitch drops for every game, why not see if we got the drops you want?

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Save Your Time

Sitting there and watching some streams for hours to get your Twitch drops can be time-consuming and often not that interesting. Save your time and get your drops immediately.





Frequently Asked Questions

What are Twitch drops?

Twitch Drops are a timed event in which you can earn in-game rewards simply by watching Twitch live streams that have drops enabled. Each Drop has a watch time requirement that must be met before you can claim the reward.

How to receive and claim a drop rewards?

Once you've received an account from us, go to your Twitch inventory page and click 'connect,' then connect your game account to Twitch. After you've linked your accounts, follow the steps to claim your game reward.

How fast will I receive my account?

We usually deliver Twitch accounts with drops in one minute or less.

Is there a maximum number of Twitch Drops I can claim?

A game may have multiple Twitch drops, you can claim all of them but you cannot do it again on the same game account.

How long until I receive my rewards?

After linking your game account with Twitch and following the steps correctly, you should see the drops reward in-game after a restart, but in some cases this may take some time to process.

Do I have to watch streams to get drops?

No, because you'll receive a Twitch account with ready-to-claim drops.

My game account is linked to another Twitch account, what to do?

To claim the Twitch drops, you must first unlink your old Twitch account, usually through your profile settings, and then link the account you received from us.

What devices can I use to claim Twitch drops?

You can claim drops using a web browser on your PC/Mac or the Twitch app for Android or iOS. Drops are not supported by Twitch apps on game consoles, smart TVs, or other TV apps.

Will you have upcoming drops?

We always check for upcoming drops to be prepared and plan to collect them all; if the drops you want aren't on the website yet, check back later. The website is updated with new drops everyday.

What should I do if I didn't get my Twitch drop rewards in-game?

If your accounts are correctly linked and you still cannot find your reward, you must contact game support, they are the only ones who can assist you.

Our Support is Here 24/7

If you have questions or drop requests, please contact us, we will respond as fast as possible.