Get Twitch Prime Gaming Loot

You can get free in-game items for your favorite game through Twitch Prime Gaming whenever you want without entering your credit card information or purchasing anything.

How Does This Work



You can earn points by doing various tasks and completing surveys that should take no more than 3 minutes, with each task awarding a certain number of points.



Use your earned points to redeem Twitch Prime in the dashboard. Once redeemed, we will fulfill it within 1-2 hours, and send you a notification.



You should receive an email and see the login details for the Twitch account with prime in your dashboard, which you can use to claim the prizes.

Prime Gaming Offers

Lost Ark

Summer Vacation Cache

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime Loot is a service offered by Amazon’s Prime Gaming that provides free games and in-game content to Twitch Prime members. This includes free games added every week for players to keep, in-game content that includes skins, XP boosts, character unlocks, currency, weapons, and even resources

How to claim Twitch Prime loot?

Once you've received your Twitch Prime from us, you'll need to login and can claim your Twitch Prime Loot by visiting the Twitch Prime website and clicking on the “Claim Offer” button next to the loot you want to claim.

How long does it take to get Twitch Prime?

Once you've accumulated enough points and redeemed Twitch Prime, within 1-2 hours you'll receive the account details you need to claim Twitch Prime loot.

How do I get Twitch Prime?

You no longer need Amazon Prime or Prime Video account to get Twitch prime. You can get Twitch Prime for free by completing various tasks that earn you points that you can later redeem for Twitch Prime.

Is this available for all countries?

Twitch Prime is available in over 200 countries and territories around the world. However, the availability of certain features and offers might vary based on your location.

Visit the official website to see the full details about each Twitch Prime reward.